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Supernatural Claims

Because you know you want to!

Supernatual Claims
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I kept looking for a Supernatural claiming community and couldn't find one, so I decided to just make one!

Claims List Last Updated: November 6, 2007


1. You must be a member to claim something.
2. Each member of the community may claim three things. Each thing must be different, you cannot claim two characters or pairings or whatever.
3. To make a claim post an entry in this community. Any and all claims made in comments will be deleted and ignored.
4. Check the claims list and make sure no one else has already claimed what you'd like to claim. Also check when the claims list was last updated and make sure that someone's pending claim isn't going to interfere with yours. Up to 2 people may claim a specific person, only 1 person may claim a specific object and up to 5 people can claim a specific pairing. The only exception to this is for the objects; a person who has claimed an object can agree to share claim of that object with you. You will need to make a post stating that that person has agreed to share claim of the object and you must get that person to comment on your post saying that they have agreed to this. If the claim you want is already taken by a member who has a) deleted their journal or b) no longer belongs to this community - go ahead and claim it, just make sure we know this is the case.
5. Make the subject of the post where you make your claim(s) "I really wish to claim..." so we know you read the rules.
6. You may change your claims at any time, but only twice, ever. If you haven't made up your mind by then, too bad!
7. If you change your username, tell us your old username, your new one, and what your claim(s) are so that we can update the list. Otherwise, you risk loosing your claims.
8. You may claim anything you'd like, just as long as it is related to Supernatural.
9. Do not harass any other members of the community. This includes if you are looking to share the claim of an object, send them only one e-mail, no more. They will get back to you when and if they want to. If we receive a complaint against you, you will be given a warning, if we receive a second, you will be banned and your claims will be up for grabs again. If you would like to report someone, please send an e-mail to ranereins@livejournal.com.

Note: Supernatural does not belong to me. This is all just for fun.

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