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Claims Updated

The claims list has been updated!

"I really wish to claim..."

I would really love to claim...

Character - Mary Winchester
Object - Sam's curved blade (from the promo pictures and briefly seen in Episode 1)
Pairing - Sam Winchester/Alec X5-494

Thanks!!! :P

I wish to claim..

Character: Azazel

Object: John's ashes

Ship: Sam/Azazel

I really wish to claim ~


Object: Sam's Laptop

Character: Bobby

Pairing: Dean/Impala

Claims Added!

The claims list has been updated!

ilovejensen & serenitysangel, there were small problems with your claims. Please check the comments on your posts and correct the problem so that I can add your claim before someone else snatches them up!

I really wish to claim....


Bacon Cheeseburgers


I really wish to claim..


Dean's homemade EMF meter

(yeah, I'm weird like that :D )

I wish to claim...

Dean Winchester
Dean's necklace